Architect v. Design Build Companies

When considering a new remodeling project, you may have come across the term ‘design-build remodeling’ in your research. You may be wondering, ‘What is the difference between an architect and a design-build firm?’ or ‘Why should I consider one over the other?’. Each type of company brings something different to the table. Design build remodeling breaks from the traditional home remodeling process, in which you would hire an architect to draw up plans, and then place a bid to several contractors, seeing who came in or around your budget. We’ve compared and contrasted the two processes for you below.

Design Build Remodeling

A design-build company combines the traditional areas of design and construction into one process. Working with a design-build firm eliminates the need to hire an architect and contractor. By utilizing one company to develop and execute a design, and carry out that design’s construction, the entire process is meticulous and straight lined. Allowing the client to establish one point of contact throughout the duration of the remodel, design-build remodeling allows for seamless communication between design and construction, ensuring no small request is overlooked.

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Architect Firm

An Architect, typically hired from an architect firm, will take a client's requests and visions into consideration, and draw up plans accordingly. Since an Architect is solely focused on executing design plans, the process stops there. An architect is paid his or her fee, and then it is up to the client to hire a contractor. 

Why Choose Design Build Remodeling?

Seamless Transition between Design & Construction

With a design-build firm, you have the benefit of working with one company from start to finish. Working with a design-build firm eliminates the need to hire and manage multiple contractors. Depending on the project, you could have a general contractor or specific contractors with specific skills for different projects. A design-build remodeler will execute these needs for you, and keep you informed of the progress. The remodelers job is to maintain open lines of communication regarding the project's timeline, unexpected obstacles, and budget.

Project Costs

Another advantage to design build remodeling is a comprehensive understanding of the investment you are making from the beginning of the process. Often times when a project is taken to an architect, the plans are drawn up and agreed upon by the client. This can often lead to a discrepancy in project cost later down the road. Since the architect is a designer by trade and not always privy to the ins and outs of construction costs, the final budget can often come in higher than expected. Additionally, since your architect and general contractor are not part of the same company, lapse in communication are possible.

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Comprehensive Design

With a design-build remodeler, you are in the beneficial position of having the cost presented to you up front. Since costs are able to be calculated in the design process, the need to constantly go back and re-draw up plans is eliminated, saving additional architectural design costs in the process. When conceptualizing your remodel, a design build firm is able to determine a wide variety of factors early on, allowing for a seamless transition from design to construction.

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