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Trust in Our Home Addition Contractors to Give Your Brookfield, WI Home More Breathing Room

Brookfield, Wisconsin has a small-town feel, but also has some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in Wisconsin. Those are just a few reasons you live in the city and why you can’t imagine moving. Your home, on the other hand, doesn’t quite satisfy your needs. Whether you’re lacking the space you need for your growing family or frequent guests, or some personal space to pursue your passion, a home addition may be the solution. At Advantage Design + Remodel, we understand that it’s not easy to choose from one of the area’s many home addition contractors, after all, your home is your most valuable asset and you want to make the right choice.

Why The Home Addition Contractors at Advantage Design + Remodel?

In a word, experience. Greg and Andy, the company’s founders have been involved in the construction and remodeling industry for years. In fact, their families have been involved in home remodeling in the Milwaukee area for decades. Since 2009, they’ve worked together to reimagine homes in Brookfield, Wisconsin and the surrounding area. Today, the brothers-in-law and their hand-selected trade partners specialize in designing and building luxury Brookfield, WI home additions that are as beautiful as they are functional.

We Build More than Home Additions

As carpenters, we know that you have to build a strong foundation before you can build anything else. We take that philosophy seriously and that’s why we like to build strong relationships with our clients. We are honestly interested in learning about you and your home addition dreams, and your plans for your space. We’re not in a hurry to get you to sign a contract, we like to take things slow and easy. Once we’ve gotten to know each other, then we’ll be able to work effectively together to create your dream home addition.

Singular Focus

When you do one thing exceptionally well, you’re considered a master of your craft. One of the major differences between us and other home addition contractors is that our singular focus is on interior spaces. Our design team has perfected the craft of designing home additions that compliment, enhance, and transform a home. Our team and trade partners are masters at turning high-end materials into beautiful details that result in refined luxury living spaces.

Expert Workmanship

Creating luxury spaces is an art form and it takes years to perfect the techniques that produce spectacular results. All of the masters on our team have honed their skills over decades and they produce some of the most beautiful spaces imaginable. It’s not just the aesthetics that make our work so memorable, we build spaces that are meant to last for years to come.

Exceptional Materials

You’re the kind of person who understands that the better the materials, the better the presentation. We understand this as well and that’s why we always use the very best materials for every aspect of every project we undertake. We also understand that higher quality materials cost more and we’re careful not to waste anything, but that doesn’t mean we’ll cut corners. You deserve the best and we deliver.

Our Unique Process

Every project we undertake follows our unique, proven process. That begins when you first connect with us, whether that’s online, in our Showroom, or over the telephone. We ask a lot of questions and we take a lot of notes so we understand what you want and need. We’ll schedule a meeting with you to get more information about your plans and ask you to bring along your own sketches, images, and ideas.

The Design Phase

Over the course of the design phase, we'll work closely with you to work out plans for your new home addition. That means we're going to ask you a lot of questions about your home, your family, how you'll use the new space, and your expectations.  We will take our time to really get to know you and we'll use your ideas as inspiration as we draw up the plans. We want to ensure that everything is exactly the way you imagine it to be.Once we've got a design you love, we'll stay in constant communication and meet in person to make all of the fun decisions about things like materials, fixtures, and other details. Our entire team of trade partners will come in during this time to meet with you, and to tour your home and discuss the project. This important step allows us to accurately discuss the design plan, and the project timeline in detail.

The Construction Phase

When you're completely satisfied with the proposed design of your new home addition, we'll move forward. That begins with at least a small amount of demolition of the current space. That sounds like a lot of mess, noise, and hassle, but it doesn't have to be. Our team handles this step carefully, keeping all of the debris, dust, tools, and equipment away from the rest of your home. We'll haul everything away and keep our new materials neatly organized, respecting your home and your property.Throughout the construction phase, you can expect our team to maintain the area in a clean, safe manner. When we're working on your home addition, that's what we're focused on and we don't waste time on anything else. While we don't rush any project, we are detail-oriented and work hard to create perfect results. We vow to keep you involved and in the loop throughout the construction process and to take you on a final walk-through of your space when we're finished.

Brookfield, Wisconsin's Preferred Home Addition Contractors

Imagine how much more you would love your Brookfield, WI home if it had more space for you and your family. A spacious, luxurious home addition doesn’t have to be a dream. Call the experts at Advantage Design + Remodel (262) 735-7572, contact us online, or visit our showroom in New Berlin today to begin the process. You can rest assured we’re experienced, we’ve been creating luxury home additions in the Brookfield, and Milwaukee areas for more than a decade.

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