Clean Build Remodeling Commitment

We take specific steps to keep you and your home as clean – and safe – as possible.

We know that remodeling is a huge undertaking and can disrupt the routines and normalcy you have worked so hard to cultivate in your home. Because of this, we take several steps to ensure that your day-to-day life is as uninterrupted as possible. From BuildClean Technology to Zipwalls, we go the extra mile to make sure you, your family, and your home are protected from the remodeling process.

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Minimizing Airborne Dust

clean air design build

Ever hear from friends about the fine dust that seemed to cover everything during (and after) their remodeling project? Our remodeling services include BuildClean technology, a revolutionary system that controls dust migration and keeps the air your family breathes cleaner – and safer.

Sealing Off Work Areas
clean remodeling wall zips
Advantage Remodel uses Zipwalls, temporary barriers that seal off work areas from the rest of your home – just one more way to keep your air safer and your home cleaner. Zipwalls can be sealed up during the workday and easily unzipped in the evening. That means you’ll still be able to conveniently access all areas of your home.
Protecting Your Home from Damage

The number of air particles increases by 5-8x while remodeling your home. We try to capture as much of those particles as possible using indoor air quality techniques. From our entrance point to your home, all the way to the work area, our team lays a secure path of protective material over your floors. We also keep your doorways and walkway openings safe from dents, nicks, and scratches with heavy duty protection.

We also isolate the work area and use a tool called an air scrubber which helps minimize airborne dust. 

Applying the Golden Rule
How would we want to be treated? We subscribe to the golden rule and use common consideration during the remodeling process. Who wants to live with a mess? We ensure all project areas are swept, tidied up, and organized at the end of each workday.

In addition to our nightly clean up, a thorough cleaning is carried out every Friday evening to ensure your weekend is as undisrupted as possible.
Going the Extra Mile
We want you to come home to a stress-free, sparkling clean home at the end of your remodel. To ensure this, we utilize a professional cleaning crew towards the end of construction. This produces smiles all around.