The Remodeling Roller Coaster

We often refer to the remodeling process as an 'emotional roller coaster'. Why a roller coaster you ask? The design-build process requires extensive planning, preparation, and patience. It is imperative to be adequately prepared for the highs and lows that arise with remodeling a home. Some phases are fun and exhilarating, and some phases can be extremely frustrating, dusty, and noisy. We are often subject to variables out of our control and must remain patient through the more confounding portions of the project. At Advantage Remodel, we believe it is crucial to maintain an open line of communication between the homeowner and the firm, allowing for constructive feedback and teamwork to ensure a smooth, successful remodel.


Our Design Build Process

Our design build process is comprised of five distinct stages designed to reduce the overall cost of your project, keeps everyone in the loop and virtually eliminates costly changes to your project once construction has started. Take a look below for more information on each of the five stages. 

Stage 1: Discovery

We begin by scheduling a 'feasibility' consultation. Where we take a thorough look at your space and determine if what you're envisioning for your space is feasible. We take into consideration budget, timelines, and whether the project is within all applicable licensure and state code. 

From there, we will discuss the options best suited for your family's lifestyle, and how we plan to work within the confines of your home. At this state, we will also discuss the typical costs associated with your project, how the project will be financed, and the timetable in which it can be completed. 

Our entire design process is laid out in detail here

Stage 2: Project Planning

Once your design plans have been approved via the proper channels and the project has a viable financial backing, we begin the preliminary design phase. 

A preliminary plan will focus on finalizing the scope of the work, including an outline and budget. We will also narrow down the design options, and create an options list to begin making preliminary material selections. We will also begin interviewing contractors, ensuring you are informed at each step of the process. 

This stage is vital to the overall timeline of your project. By taking our time in the preliminary stage, we avoid many costly mid-project changes. 

Stage 3: Pre-Production

This crucial stage is where many items come together and are finalized as you prepare your family and home for your home's design-build-remodel.

In this stage we will: 

  • Finalizing the design plan
  • Complete detailed construction documents
  • Submit required permits 
  • Finalize product selections and special order materials

This state is where you will see your project come to life! 

Stage 4: Build the Project!

It’s time to build! It may seem like a lot went into your project long before construction. That’s true. There are hundreds of details to hammer out before we actually get to hammer!

All that planning will soon pay off as your project starts to take shape and go from drawings on paper to reality.

During the construction phase, we will keep you abreast of your progress through a series of check-in calls, and updates. We encourage open communication during this time. Whether you want to know everything or as little as possible, we will always be transparent about our timeline. 

Stage 5: Post-Production & Follow-Up

Your project is complete! Our follow-up services ensure you’ll enjoy your new space for years to come.

We’ll make sure that all your documentation and warranties are in order, the final inspections are complete, and you’re completely satisfied with your new space.

Once the project is done we don’t simply disappear.

We encourage our clients to contact us for all of their home renovation and repair needs that may arise after the completion of your project. 

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