Bathroom Remodeling

Premier Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Give Your Home an Update

You’ve worked hard to furnish your home so that it reflects your unique personality and style. In fact, you take great pride in your design sense and you have an eye for the details that make a project pop. If the bathrooms in your Elm Grove, Wisconsin home are dated, small, and barely functional they aren’t congruent with your image. They’re more like a smudge on your beautifully crafted masterpiece. You and your family make do with the spaces, but you long for something elegant, functional, and fresh. You also want to relieve the embarrassment whenever a guest has to use that bathroom that’s just a little too cramped and dated for comfort. You’re ready to get started on a bathroom remodeling project, but with which company’s bathroom remodeling contractors team?

Advantage Design + Remodel

We’ve been in the remodeling business for over 2 decades and we’re one of the premier remodeling contractors in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. Our team has turned drab, boring, dull bathrooms into spectacular spaces that rival any magazine picture. We’re passionate about our work and we’re even more passionate about providing personalized service to our clients. As your luxury design/build company, we will remain laser-focused on your project from the initial consultation, to the design phase, through to the final touches.

The Advantage of Our Process

With a lot of remodeling companies, you’ll meet with them a couple of times to discuss your plans, set a budget, schedule the work to begin, and arrange for payment. Our design and build process is much more personal. We believe in taking our time with every client, we don’t rush anyone into signing the contract signing so we can start building. Instead, we’ll get to know you, your family, and your home. We’re excellent listeners and keen observers who are adept at bringing designs from dreams into functional reality.

Elm Grove, Wisconsin’s Bathroom Remodeling Experts

We understand that a dysfunctional bathroom is more than just an inconvenience, it’s an aggravation that you have to deal with every day. Whether it’s the bathroom the kids share that’s just too small now that they’re teenagers, or your master suite that’s too cramped for you both to use, it’s a frustration. Over the years, we’ve gained the ability to create beautiful, roomy, highly functional bathrooms that Elm Grove, Wisconsin residents love. We love the classic styles, but we also stay on top of the latest bathroom design and technology trends.

Design Expertise and Professional Advice

You know what’s wrong with your bathroom, but do you know what you’d rather see in its place? Perhaps you love a custom vanity and cabinets on an interior design website, or you want a new shower similar to the one that great hotel had. These things are more than possible when you work with our designer. In the early phases of your bathroom remodel project, it’s all about getting to know you, listening to your plans and desires. As we progress, we’ll offer our professional advice and design know-how so you can see your vision come to life.

Trusted by Homeowners like you, across Southeastern WI

Bathroom Remodel Design Inspiration

Even with the help of a designer, it can be difficult to pick out flooring, countertops, cabinetry, and other elements without a physical representation. That’s exactly why we recommend that you visit our Showroom. It features a selection of custom cabinetry, custom countertops, custom flooring ideas, a range of color pallets, and beautiful fixtures. In other words, it’s a great place to make choices for your bathroom remodel and our team will be on hand to answer any questions, or to make suggestions.

Functional and Beautiful Bathroom Remodels

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice function for beauty, or the other way around. When we reimagine bathrooms, we’re committed to making sure it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful. We don’t just design bathrooms, we design and build bathrooms that feel good to be in. That’s why we don’t rush the design process, our goal is to help you create a bathroom you’ll love to use for years to come. Every element is thought out and all of our team members work together to ensure that everything is exactly the way you want it to be.

Clean Remodeling Process

A bathroom remodel can be a messy affair if the proper protections aren’t put in place. Demolition of the old bathroom is going to stir up dust and debris that can cause your family discomfort, not to mention the dust landing on the furniture. We avoid this issue completely with our exclusive Build Clean Process that incorporates a BuildClean Dust Controller, as well as zip walls to close off work areas, and we protect all of your floors, walls, and other spaces leading to the bathroom. In other words, we take every possible precaution to protect you and your family and your home.  

One step at a time

We believe that if you want to create something beautiful, you have to slow down and focus on the details. We take pride in our work and every project is special to us, so our bathroom remodeling contractors team makes sure everything is as perfect as you can imagine it.

High-Quality Materials and Superior Workmanship

We understand that your home is your sanctuary and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. We only use the highest quality materials for our remodeling projects and we don’t cut corners. In fact, we’re well known for our custom cabinetry as well as our beautiful installations of custom countertops.

At Advantage Design + Remodel, we partner with Cambria to customize your bathroom with high-quality quartz countertops. Cambria’s selection of quartz slabs will add elegance and natural style to your bathroom vanity and surfaces. Cambria’s quartz countertops are durable and don’t require maintenance, so they’re a perfect fit for busy homes.

Make your dream bathroom a reality today with financing from Cambria. Finance by Cambria offers simple financing options that cover your quartz countertops and additional interior remodeling materials and products. With the right financing plan, you can select stone surfaces and features you love so you don’t have to wait to remodel your bathroom. Talk to our design team today about making your dream project more affordable.

Contact Advantage Design + Remodel’s Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

We know that a bathroom remodel has been on your wish list for a while and you’re ready to get started. The best way to do that is to contact us online, or to give us a call at (262) 735-7572 to schedule an appointment with our bathroom remodeling contractors team. We would love the opportunity to see what you have in mind for your bathroom renovation.

You don’t have to wait until you’re ready to take on your bathroom remodeling project to get ahold of us. We would love to meet you, and encourage you to take part in one of our Free Design & Remodeling Seminars. You’ll learn everything you need to know about remodeling, and we’ll provide you with some drinks and an appetizer too.