Our Remodeling Communication Process

A Thorough Design Build Process That Takes the Confusion Out of EVERYTHING Involved With Your Project

We understand that that for most homeowners, the thought of a home remodeling project can be exciting and a bit confusing. Not only is it a disruption of your daily life during the project, there’s hard countless details that must be address throughout your project plus it can often be a large financial commitment.

Our 5 Stage Design/Build process is proven to reduce the overall cost of your project, keeps everyone in the loop and virtually eliminates costly changes to your project once construction has started.

Stage 1: Discovery

We begin by doing a feasibility consultation, where we consider and determine if what you envision is possible, within budget and within code.

We’ll talk about options best suited for your family’s lifestyle, the typical costs, how the project will be financed, and your timetable.

Because of our experience will all types of project, we will help guide you through some important things you may want to consider.

Stage 2: Project Planning

Detailed project planning begins as soon as it’s been determined your design plans are feasible and financially viable.

This is the stage where you choose a preliminary plan design, finalize the scope of work outline and budget, narrow down your design options, create an options list, and begin making preliminary materials selection and interviewing contractors.

Many companies don’t spend enough time with this Stage and that often results in costly mid project changes.

Stage 3: Pre-Production

This crucial stage is where many items come together and are finalized as you prepare your family and home for the design build project.

  • Finalizing the design plan.
  • Completion of the detailed construction documents.
  • Permits submission
  • And finalizing most product selections and special order materials. This is where you’ll start to see your project coming to life.
Stage 4: Build the Project!

It’s time to build! It may seem like a lot went into your project long before construction. That’s true. There are hundreds of details to hammer out before we hammer.

All that planning will soon pay off as your project starts to take shape and go from drawings on paper to reality.

Here’s what to expect during the is stage.

Stage 5: Post-Production Follow-up

Your project is complete! Our follow-up services ensure you’ll enjoy your new space for years to come.

We’ll make sure that all your documentation and warranties are in order, the final inspections are complete, and you’re completely satisfied with your new space.

Once the project is done we don’t simply disappear.

We encourage our clients to contact us for all of their home renovation/repair needs.