Advantages of a Design-Build Company

Most people are unsure of what a design/build firm does, but the truth is, this is an advantageous way to go about any building or remodeling project because it keeps both services — the design and the construction — under one roof. Choosing a design/build firm is a wise choice because the company can devote the time and resources to address client concerns and questions in regards to any energy efficient project, ensuring they’re always in the loop in terms of important decisions. It’s important to educate contractors and clients on the design/build process so that this type of approach gains more momentum. There are several benefits to working with an experienced design/build firm.

Project Efficiency

Why go to several different sources and contractors when you can let one firm handle everything? The convenience and comfort of single source responsibility is clear. Because a team approach ensures a certain level of cooperation, there is no finger pointing or blame game when something doesn’t go according to plan. Translation: higher efficiency, no conflict, and a project that’s completed within the timeline with the money available. Throughout the duration of the project, all parties get to know one another, which makes for a more positive overall experience and progressive back-and-forth consultation.

Budget Control

Budget is a big part of any design-build project and one that’s not taken lightly. This forms the backbone of the project, and the design-build firm works diligently to stay within the parameters of the specified guidelines. Intelligent planning through a single source can result in a trusting relationship between design/build firm and client. The owner, then, can keep a certain amount of control over the process as it progresses step by step. When a design-build firm ensures budget control, a certain level of expertise is employed. As such, many fees, such as engineering or surveying fees, are generally known ahead of time and can be factored into the budget with no surprises.

On-Time Deliverables

At the end of the day, getting a project completed on time is one of the most important considerations. With several contractors at the helm, miscommunication and mismanagement can occur. With the design-build approach, the time it takes to go through everything from bidding to redesign is greatly reduced. With proper management, several phases can overlap, a desirable way to cut down on costs and get the project completed as early as possible.

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