Remodeling Your Home 

Remodeling your home is a fantastic way to bring new life to your space, and increase your home's value. Often times our clients have found a perfect piece of property within their desired neighborhood, but the features of the home aren't quite what they need, or there is simply not enough space. Other times our clients are planning ahead for a growing family, or for aging in place.

That's where Advantage Remodel comes in. By examining your existing space, we provide you with unique remodeling solutions customized to your families lifestyle and specifications.

Advantage Remodel specializes in kitchen, bathroom, master suite, and interior and exterior remodeling projects. For more information about our design process, visit Our Process page. 

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Kitchen Remodeling

For many homes, the kitchen is the center of activity. From meal preparation to casual gatherings, the kitchen is the place where people congregate. At Advantage Remodel, we believe that the kitchen should function as well as it looks.

Designing a new kitchen typically begins with plenty of questions. What type of cooking do you like to do? Do you cook often? Do you cook alone or with others? What type of functionality do you want? What type of functionality do you need? Once our designers gain an understanding of how you best use your kitchen, we will design a layout that allows you to move comfortably and efficiently within the space. From there, we help you decide fixtures, countertops, flooring, wall coverings, cabinets, and other details to bring your vision to life.

We invite you to visit our Kitchen Project Gallery to take a further look at the types of kitchens we have had the pleasure of creating for our clients. 

Learn more about designing your Kitchen by downloading our Kitchen Design Guide

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is arguably the most frequented room in your house. Whether you are considering a simple update or the complete transformation of your existing bathroom, we take great pride in bringing your vision to life. Whether you are looking to transform a small bathroom into a functional space or looking for a luxury, spa-like bathroom with additional square footage, we work with you every step of the way.

Beginning with your tastes and interests, our design team dissects each portion of your bathroom to determine what design works best for you and your family. How often do you enter your bathroom throughout the day? How often do you use its amenities? Do you unwind after a long day in the tub or do you take a quick shower and get ready somewhere else? Do you share a vanity space with a spouse? Depending on what you are looking for, we will tailor your bathroom design and construction to fit your needs, ensuring your bathroom is both functional and tailored to your specific needs.

We invite you to visit our Bath Project Gallery for more information on the types of bathroom remodels we have completed in the past, and for further inspiration on your own bathroom remodel. 

Basement Remodeling

Renovating unused spaces can often improve your lifestyle. Whether you have a growing family, business, or a new hobby, there are many spaces in the home that often go unnoticed, and underutilized.

Renovating unfinished basement spaces adds usable square footage to a home without sacrificing yard space. A basement remodel can be utilized for homeowners in several ways: as a workshop, an office, or a storage area. Basement remodels can even be configured for an in-law suite or a guest area.

We take into account several variables when designing a basement remodel, including the location of load-bearing walls, furnaces, plumbing, and drainage. We will also take into consideration your municipalities code requirements. From concept to design, budgeting and construction, we are with you every step of the way to reimagine your basement space from untouched to outstanding.

Visit Our Basement Project Gallery for inspiration on how to transform your basement space into a functional, integrated part of your home. 

Whole House Remodeling

You love your home but it's just not suiting your needs. Or you love your neighborhood but not your house. Perhaps the style or the layout is all wrong. Whatever the reason, it may be time for a whole house remodel.

A whole house remodel gives you the opportunity to completely redefine your home. Whether you want to update the overall look of your home, give it a whole new look, or restore your home to its original charm, our talented designers will help you visualize the home of your dreams, room by room.

Our design-build process allows for seamless communication between our design and construction teams. We first take into account your needs, desires, and budget. Then, we get to work creating the design, reimagining your existing home to give you the results you desire. We work with you to ensure the whole home remodel is within your investment range, on-time and full of unique attributes to delight the entire family or a prospective buyer.

Exterior Remodeling

A great exterior remodel does not only increase curb appeal but contribute to your home's overall resale value. Whether you are planning an exterior addition, such as a deck or patio, or solely focused on curb appeal, our designers work with you to determine the scope of your project, and the impact it will have on your daily life. We start by evaluating your current home's external features.

We then evaluate the siding, windows, lighting, and aesthetic design of your current home. We then work with you to determine an exceptional exterior design, designed for both functionality and practicality. For more information on our exterior remodeling projects, check out our Exterior Remodeling Gallery

Home Additions

It’s a fact. If you’re thinking about adding an addition to gain more space you’re making a significant financial commitment- not to mention a major disruption to your lifestyle. Yet the results can be stunning, providing you with additional space and often increasing the value of your home.

Proper architectural design to blend your addition into the style of your existing home is essential. Our process for your home addition will ensure your project will go as smoothly as possible. Not only will we work with you on your custom design- we handle all the details, including utility movement, proper permitting, inspections and the hundreds of other elements that have to all come together. [Learn More]

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