5 Backyard Renovation Ideas

The environment is a huge factor to consider when deciding to purchase a home. Are you a BBQ fanatic? With summer around the corner, I can already smell the sweet scent of a hotdog roasting on the grill in a beautiful backyard. This can be you!Adding unique renovations to your backyard can give it an entirely new feel. Beautifying this outdoor space can add an incredible atmosphere to your home, and provide a space to relax during the upcoming warm days. Today, we’ll discuss four creative backyard renovation ideas that can add value to your house and your home life.

1. Build a Fish Pond

The fish market was estimated to be 5 billion dollars in 2018 on a global scale, according to grandviewresearch.com. From these statistics, there is no doubt building a fish pond outside will add value to your home. The sight of colorful koi fish swimming in your backyard is breathtaking.However, before you jump into the water of this backyard renovation, make sure that the weather is adequate for fish to live comfortably. You can only control the water temperature so much. Adding rocks can create a beautiful setup with walkways leading to and from the pond. Let your creative juices flow!

2. Create a Backyard Vegetation Garden

You can test your gardening skills by installing a vegetable garden in your backyard. Who doesn’t love fresh, bright-red tomatoes? There are a variety of vegetables you can grow at home and spark your garden with stunning colors, especially in summer. Lacking a vitamin or two? Try challenging yourself to grow the vegetable that your body is lacking and improve your health through a sustainable approach.

Having a backyard vegetable store is killing two birds with a pebble! Here is how it works; your garden will be filled with fresh veggies which are not only cost-saving but also fills your refrigerator and dinner plate. Secondly, having a backyard garden improves your home’s appearance and organization. It shows how much you love your home and the earth.

3. Setup a Playhouse

Are you tired of taking your kids to a fun park every weekend? Try building a small playhouse in your backyard. They can let their imaginations run free while still staying safe in your backyard. A playground is entertaining, and it keeps your kids jovial and engaged. Setting up a playhouse is easy. Simply assemble local materials like wood and use your skills to set up the structure.

4. Build a Waterfall

Waterfalls and water fountains are fantastic features that bring a sense of tranquility. You can either build your own backyard waterfall using concrete and rocks, or hire a professional to help with the job. In the end, you will have a working waterfall for a backyard retreat. Also, constructing a backyard water fountain elevates the price of your home when selling it.

5. Fire Pit

We saved this backyard renovation idea for last because it has a unique power. It brings people together! Have you ever gazed into a pile of beautiful, glowing embers? For any family with children that have a sweet tooth, you can enjoy roasted marshmallows while spending time together in your backyard. 

Adding a fire pit to your backyard creates a beautiful ambiance, while also keeping pesky mosquitoes away. You can warm up by the fire and exchange scary ghost stories. You can add firepits that are smaller if space is limited. Determine the style you want, and how much time you want to spend maintaining it. Gas firepits naturally require less cleanup versus a traditional wood fire pit.

A backyard should be kept not only clean but also attractive all year round. A stunning backyard is a magnet for socializing, building a relationship, having fun, and barbequing. To achieve this, get dirty and build a lively garden and a roaring waterfall in your backyard. Don’t limit your house’s potential to be extraordinary!


Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Shawn Buys Houses KC, a house flipping company based in Kansas City, MO. Shawn is a licensed realtor, and flips homes full-time. He enjoys swinging a hammer and making a house shine.