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Your home is your largest, and most important, investment, but it’s more than that. It’s also your safe haven, the place that you and your family feel the most comfortable, secure, and happy. Even so, there are some things that you wish were different. Perhaps the space isn’t quite as modern as you’d like, or there isn’t as much room as your family needs, or it simply doesn’t function as well as you need it to. At Advantage Design + Remodel, we understand that choosing the best remodeling contractor for your next design project can be daunting. After all, every contractor you encounter claims they’re the best in the business and that you should hire them. The truth is, you have to be very careful to choose the right contractor so you get the best results.

Why Advantage Design + Remodel?

In a word, experience. For decades, Greg Wade and Andy Schafer have been working in the construction industry. These brothers-in-law have put their collective experience to work to produce outstanding designs using the finest materials and exquisite workmanship since 2009. Today, Advantage Design + Remodel is the best remodeling contractor for many homeowners in Wauwatosa, New Berlin, Whitefish Bay, Elm Grove, Brookfield, and beyond.

Precise Process

We’re not the kind of remodeling company that pushes our clients to jump into a design project. From the moment you get in touch with us, you’ll notice that we’re not about moving quickly, we’re more interested in getting the job done right. We’re meticulous about sticking with our precise process and never waiver. First, we get to know you and your home, then we help you design the space of your dreams before we swing a hammer. At every stage, we’re hands-on, making sure that everything is moving along as scheduled and on budget.

Experienced Craftsmen

Experienced Craftsmen

We believe that if you’re going to do something, you should do it to the best of your ability. That means never cutting corners and always going the extra mile to make sure that everything is as perfect as humanly possible. It takes years of practice to master any craft and the Advantage Design + Remodel team prides itself on having a team of professionals that continually strives to improve its processes and create stunning designs. We only staff craftsmen who have honed their skills over a great deal of time. Most of our team have special certifications to ensure they are well-educated and focused on managing your design project efficiently and effectively.

Personalized Service

Every homeowner has a unique vision for their home based on their lifestyle, family size, and aesthetic preferences. At Advantage Design + Remodel, we realize that no two home remodeling jobs are the same and that’s why our services are so personalized. From the moment we first meet you, you’ll notice that we’re completely focused on you, your needs, and your desires. That personalized service is one of the reasons so many people have chosen us to be their remodeling contractor for projects both large and small in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and beyond.

Endless Communication

Endless Communication

You’ll never be left in the dark about any aspect of your remodeling project with us. We’re well aware that communication is the key to a successful project and we work hard to ensure that you’re always kept in the loop. Because we’re a design/build remodeling company, we are the only point of contact for you. That means you can rest assured that if you ever have a question, concern, idea, or suggestion we’ll be here to listen. From our first contact, through the design and construction phase, and long after, we’ll always be here for you. We invest in our communication and utilize a cloud-based software system to keep all aspects of your project organized and on track.

Superb Design Services

You dream of a beautiful, functional space that you can be proud of and you have ideas and perhaps even examples of what you want to see. Our designers are excellent listeners and they take all of your thoughts, desires, and goals into account during the design phase. Every aspect of your new space, down to the tiniest detail will be carefully planned to ensure that the overall project meets, or exceeds, your expectations. Only when you’re completely satisfied with the proposed design will we move on to the next phases of the project.

Committed Teamwork

With the years of experience of the entire Advantage team, our design eyes, extensive woodworking, carpentry experience, and custom cabinetry backgrounds ensure that every project turns out beautifully. We also understand the importance of processes and know that for us to deliver a beautiful remodel on time and on budget, we all need to come together as a team to meet your every expectation. This is why Greg and Andy partner with the best tradespeople in the business. Together, they form a committed team with the singular goal to create amazing, exquisite, luxury spaces that you can be proud of.

Top Quality Materials

Beautiful design, experienced carpenters and other trade partners are only part of the equation. You can also be assured that we will use the best materials available for your project. There’s no substitute for top quality materials and we’re always on the lookout for innovative, new materials that fit the bill. After all, the end results are completely dependent upon where we start. We never use sub-par, inexpensive, or otherwise unworthy materials for any project.

Exquisite Workmanship

Even with the best materials, a project is only as good as the people who are putting it together. Working with high-end materials is an art form that takes years to develop. Over the years, our team has worked with some of the highest grade materials available and we continue to refine our craft. From exotic wood to custom natural stone or quartz countertops, we’re experts at manipulating these fine materials to bring your dreams to reality. Take a look at our portfolio and we think that you’ll agree that we get absolutely stunning results.

Experience the White Glove Treatment

If you’re ready to remodel one room or your entire home, contact us at Advantage Design + Remodel. Greg, Andy, and our professional remodeling team believe in giving all of our clients the white glove treatment. What does that mean? In a nutshell, it means that we provide top-notch service and exceptional workmanship for every Wauwatosa, Wisconsin design project as the area’s best remodeling contractor. Our goal is to help you reimagine your home and to make it the place you’ve always dreamed it could be. Together, we can make beautiful things happen.

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Milwaukee-area homeowners stay in their residences an average of ten years. That’s a long time to spend on a new kitchen or bathroom. Make your renovation the best it can be by hiring someone with extensive knowledge and a dedication to getting the job done right. In Elm Grove, Whitefish Bay, Brookfield, and Wauwatosa, WI the name to trust is Advantage Design + Remodel.

We handle all your design and remodeling needs under one roof, and would be proud to serve you. Don’t wait to get started on that project you have always been dreaming of. Contact us today to receive answers to your questions and begin the designing and planning process.