Basement Remodeling Brookfield WI

Basement remodeling brookfield wi

Consider embarking on a home project such as remodeling your basement if you find that your house in Wisconsin does not have enough room. Plumbing, layout consultation as well as selecting the right materials are essential parts of this process, with professional basement contractors providing these services. This is particularly relevant in the Brookfield, WI area, known for its mix of city and small-town feel. With the help of a skilled contractor, by opting for basement finishing, you can transform an unfinished basement from a place of storage or shelter during weather emergencies into a beautiful, functional space.

Basement remodeling in Brookfield WI is a niche service offered by several competent contractors, who understand the specific needs and challenges of basement projects in this area. These professionals can turn basements into an expansion of your house’s living area, increasing not only its functionality but also its overall value. The right contractor will ensure the best materials are used to deliver quality work.

basement remodeling in Wisconsin
remodeled basement in WI

Extra Living Space

When your kids were young, sharing a room didn’t seem to be an issue. Now, as teenagers, they crave their own space. Or perhaps you have regular out-of-town visitors and need an extra guest room that doesn’t double as your home office. In such scenarios, as a homeowner, you could greatly benefit from turning your unused basement space into an extra bedroom, bathroom suite, or even a full guest apartment, with the help of a trusted contractor.


Personal Spaces

We understand that your home is your sanctuary, and you might want to limit most of the guest movement to the primary living areas. Your desire for privacy and appreciation for beauty can be amalgamated in a customized, remodeled basement. Be it a private gym or a personal dance studio, with the use of exquisite materials, we’ll use our expertise in basement finishing to create a space that matches your personal preferences. We’ll help you create a space that satisfies your need for privacy and your desire to be surrounded by beautiful things.

beautiful basement remodel in Brookfield Wisconsin
a clean and beatiful basement remodel in Brookfield

Perfect Storage Areas

A beautiful basement remodel in Brookfield, Wisconsin also offers potential storage benefits. The generally cool conditions of basements are perfect for storing a variety of items, from canned goods to family heirlooms. However, without proper storage spaces designed by a competent house contractor, dark, damp basements can also cause damage to these precious items. Hence, ensuring custom cabinets, ample lighting, and sufficient working and storage space is part of our service.

Improved Value

Even if selling your house isn’t in your immediate plans, a basement remodeling project, handled by a well-versed contractor, could significantly enhance the potential resale value of your property. Buyers often perceive homes with finished basements as more valuable. Regardless of whether you intend to sell or not, the value addition of a basement remodel can bring immense satisfaction to you and your family.

Safety & Security

Ensuring safety during harsh weather conditions like thunderstorms and high winds is also an important aspect to consider and the basement is an excellent place to take cover. A nicely finished basement, with proper materials integrated by a proficient contractor, provides a more comfortable and soothing space than an unfinished one during stormy times. Small spaces such as a bathroom, or storage room also offer more protected space than an open, unfinished basement.

Energy Efficiency

Heating basements, especially in Brookfield, WI, can be a challenge, especially if it’s an unfinished basement. In comparison to an unfinished basement, a well-insulated finished basement ensures comfortable temperatures year-round, helps keep utility bills low, and enhances the overall comfort of your house. The furnace won’t have to work overtime to keep the space warm enough, and the cool air won’t escape when it’s hot out. Basement finishing services are thus an investment in your home’s comfort, health, and efficiency.

Brookfield, Wisconsin’s Basement Remodel Specialists

Incorporating the important details of waterproofing, flooring, insulation, electrical installations, and effective ventilation within the estimate of your basement renovation is crucial. Although you can tackle this comprehensive task on your own, it might be overwhelming. That’s why Advantage Design + Remodel, a professional contractor, is here to simplify the basement remodeling process for you, ensuring the best suitable materials are used for your house.We consider all aspects, including the finishing touches and the installation of quality windows, in our approach. We’ll take your unique ideas, work them into a stunning design that incorporates everything on your must-have list, and transform your basement into a space that you and your family will love to use. Our customer satisfaction reviews highlight our attention to detail and commitment to service.

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Our Unique Design + Remodel Process

Our uniquely designed and aesthetic basements are the talk of Wisconsin.

Most times, basement remodeling contractors will meet with a client to get an overview of the project and to determine the price. They also often expect the client to sign the contract and make a down payment immediately. In our case, our process is completely different. We take our time to get to know our clients, and our entire team has the opportunity to evaluate every project thoroughly, allowing us to make accurate repair and installation estimates. That makes it easier to determine the budget based on a specific design plan and to work out a reasonable completion time frame.

Safe and Clean Basement Remodel

We have the deepest respect for your property, your home, and your family. We take every precaution to ensure that you won’t be inconvenienced or bothered in any way by our activities. Our team of professional tradespeople pride themselves on maintaining a well-organized, efficient, clean job site. We call it our Clean Process and it begins with zip walls to separate construction areas and to contain and clean dust. We also provide clear repair and installation estimates, incorporating technology to minimize airborne dust particles so you and your family can breathe easy.

uniquely designed and aesthetic basement remodeling only in WI

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If you’re ready to turn your drab, dark, unfinished basement into beautiful living spaces, contact us at Advantage Design + Remodel. We would love to meet you and to hear about your basement remodel ideas. You can also visit our Design & Selection Studio for some inspiration and advice. We also highly recommend our free Design and Remodeling Seminars. You’ll learn the essentials of design and remodeling, gain a deeper understanding of the process, and you get to meet us at the same time.