5 Places to Add Chic and Subtle Storage in Your Home

Whether you’re low on space or just need a more appealing way to store your essentials, finding storage areas can always be a challenge. It’s best to consider your environment and coordinate your rooms with storage spaces that are not only practical but stylish and trendy.


If you have an unfinished basement, the storage potential is practically endless. It’s also a great way to keep your home looking inviting and free of clutter if you just stash things downstairs. The most important part is that your basement is suitably protected from leaks and flooding because you don’t want to store your valuables and only end up having them ruined by water damage.

If you feel confident that your basement is contained, you can begin storing anything from tools and clothing to art supplies and furniture. It’s a good idea to invest in watertight storage containers for extra protection, and remember to store items neatly so that it doesn’t appear cluttered.

Under The Beds

You may have childhood memories of spooky nothings lurking under the bed, but it’s actually a great place for storage. If you have a large bed, you can slide a variety of containers and bins underneath it to facilitate subtle and effective storage.

Another tactic is to take is the versatility of a loft or bunk bed. By having your bed suspended higher, you’ll have more space in your bedroom for strategic storage that wouldn’t be possible if your bed was on the ground. You can even buy or construct bed frames that feature hidden drawers and cabinets, making for an elegant way to organize your stuff.


When you first think of a storage shed, you may picture a dusty shack of wood and spider webs. However, a storage shed can be an incredibly chic and inviting structure. The key is to use a shed that is right for your needs. With some brightly hued paint and the right decor, a shed can become an extension of your home that will encourage future projects.

Storage sheds are convenient storage for keeping materials for hobbies and work-related activities, as well as for storing fitness and recreational equipment without necessarily sacrificing any space inside your home. When you’re low on space inside your home, a storage shed can optimize your life and keep it neat and orderly while adding organization and practicality to your backyard.


Similarly to a shed, a storage locker can be used to neatly secure your materials in a clean and organized environment. A metal locker can add an industrial charm to your home that guests will find memorable. You can install lockers anywhere. Since you can get them in a variety of sizes, they are quite versatile. Their durability also ensures that your items will stay protected.


Storing objects in your closet may seem obvious, but many of us end up with closets that are cluttered and difficult to navigate. Try taking the time to optimize your closet space by minimizing and creating homes for particular items. You can begin by throwing away or donating clothes you don’t need. If you rarely wear it, get rid of it. Only keep things that you actually use and need for your lifestyle.

Closets can be used to store anything, so don’t assume you have to relegate them to clothing and miscellaneous items only. You can even add a bit of flair by painting each closet door differently to suit its contents. With a bit of patience, your closets can be transformed into stylish storage areas that you look forward to opening each day.

When designing the interior of your home, it’s easy to forget about making room for storage. If you use your furniture and make the most of the space you have, paving the way for storage areas that are efficient and beautiful will be a cinch. And afterward, you might be a little bit more inspired to start on other home projects, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Before you know it, you can have the beautiful home you’ve always wanted.