Bathroom Remodeling

A Bath Remodel Service That Will Transform Your Brookfield, Wisconsin Home

You love your Brookfield, Wisconsin home and you’re proud of the way it looks and feels, except your bathrooms. They get a lot of use and needless to say, they’re in need of change. Your master bath isn’t roomy enough for the two of you to use together. It makes mornings difficult and rushed and that’s no way to start the day. The bathroom the kids share isn’t in great shape, it’s got water damaged floors and an old tub. That outdated guest bath has a leaky faucet and it hasn’t been remodeled in years so it’s dark and uninviting. A bath remodel for one or all of your bathrooms will improve your morning routines, make life more convenient all day, impress your friends and family, and it’ll also improve your home’s value.

Brookfield, Wisconsin Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Although the DIY television shows make bathroom remodeling look easy, it isn’t. In fact, it’s a complicated process that requires precise design skills, architectural drawings, construction experience, not to mention plumbing and electrical experience. At best, a homeowner can hire individual tradespeople to do the work, but that’s tedious and nerve wracking. A design/build bathroom remodeling contractor in Brookfield, WI like Advantage Design + Remodel takes care of everything for you. We make the process easy and stress-free.

What Sets Our Remodeling Services Apart

We’re a small company and that means every bathroom remodeling project we do gets our personal attention. We start off by actually getting to know our clients and their families. We want to know how they live in their home, what they’re passionate about, and what’s important to them. Those initial meetings help us all figure out if we’ll be a good fit, and if everyone agrees that we are, we’ll schedule a walk-thru with you and our team members. We’ll inspect the space, take pictures, measure everything, and take notes about the plan.

Design Your Bathroom - Your Way

You undoubtedly have some ideas for your bathroom remodeling project. Perhaps you want a spa-like master suite in shades of gray, complete with a dressing area, closet, and custom cabinetry for storage. Maybe you’d like to turn that tiny, dark guest bathroom into a bathroom suite with a walk-in shower and double sink. Share your ideas, drawings, magazine cut-outs, Pinterest pins, paint samples, fabric swatches, anything that inspires you with our designer. We’ll help you work out all the details to come to the perfect design for your bathroom.

Design Inspiration for Your Bath Remodel

There are going to be a lot of decisions to make about flooring, countertops and edge profiles, cabinetry, paint colors, fixtures, and design features. It can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when you’re seeing things out of context. What you need is to see the materials up close, to feel the smoothness of the countertop, and to experience the way those cabinets open and close. Spending a little time in our Showroom with our designer helps satisfy your need to feel the materials, and you might love some of the design ideas too.

Beautiful and Functional Bathroom Remodels

When we reimagine Brookfield, Wisconsin bathrooms, we have a mission. We’re committed to making sure that our design and execution is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. We also understand that a bathroom remodeling project is an investment in your home that you expect a return on. That’s why we take our time to make sure that we’re designing a space you’ll love now and in the future. Our team members work diligently to make sure that every element is exactly the way you want it and that you’re completely satisfied with the results.

High-Quality Materials and Workmanship

Your home is a reflection of your style and everything you furnish it with reflects your personality. We share your appreciation for fine materials and beautiful surfaces. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials for our Brookfield bathroom remodeling projects. We believe that custom cabinetry, custom Cambria countertops, and other high-quality materials deserve extra care and attention. Our team of professional tradespeople not only appreciate fine materials, they understand how to work with them to get incredible, beautiful results.

Cambria Quartz

There’s nothing like the first sight of your dazzling new countertop. But the advantages of quartz-strength, durability, stain, and chip resistance – become even more apparent over time!

We partner with Cambria to provide high-end countertops for your bathrooms. Cambria’s selection of quartz slabs will add elegance and natural style to your bathroom vanity and surfaces. We will carefully pair your bathroom’s color palette with the best slab to make your style shine through. Cambria® quartz slabs are strong and offer long-lasting performance. They have up to 93% quartz in each slab, compared to granite’s composition of up 60% quartz, so your bathroom’s surfaces will be both durable and beautiful.

Make your dream bathroom a reality today with financing from Cambria. Finance by Cambria offers simple financing options that cover your quartz countertops and additional interior remodeling materials and products. With the right financing plan, you can select stone surfaces and features you love so you don’t have to wait to remodel your bathroom. Talk to our design team today about making your dream project more affordable.

Our Design and Construction Experience

We’ve been remodeling homes in the Brookfield area for around a decade, but we’re not new to the construction trade. Between us, our team has several lifetime’s worth of experience and we’re learning new things all the time. We bring all of that knowledge to every bathroom remodeling project we undertake. We don’t do cookie-cutter designs, so we have to be skilled carpenters and artists in order to accomplish the goal. It’s not always easy, but, we love the challenge.

Clean Remodeling Process

One of the major concerns homeowners have when it comes to remodeling is the mess. Demolition of the old bathroom materials will produce small dust particles, larger debris, and a pile of trash. You don’t want any of those things to escape into your home. We are highly sensitive to messes and air quality when we’re in someone’s home. We use a Build Clean Process that incorporates a Build Clean Dust Controller, as well as zip walls to close off work areas. We also protect your floors, walls and other spaces leading to the bathroom.

Contact Advantage Design + Remodel

If you’d like to find out more about remodeling your Brookfield, Wisconsin bathroom, contact us online by filling out the simple form provided. Include details about your project and your contact information so we can get back to you. If you prefer, you can also give us a call at (262) 735-7572. We’ll be happy to speak with you about your project, or to schedule an appointment so we can discuss your plans in person.

Even if you’re not ready to take on a bath remodel project right now, we would love to meet you. Sign up for one of our Free Design & Remodeling Seminars and we’ll entertain and educate you about design and remodeling. In fact, we’d like to buy you a drink and offer you a tasty appetizer as well.