Comparing Different Counter Tops

Today, let’s talk about comparing different counter tops. It should be an informed decision that is always best. This guide to counter top materials is the resource you’ve been looking for.

The choice of counter top material isn’t an easy one for most homeowners because there are so many fantastic options.  You need to be familiar with the following:

  • Type
  • Level of care
  • How well, it ages
  • Other details 
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Different Kinds of Counter Tops:

  • The always-cool Quartz
  • The greatness that is Granite
  • The lovely-though-inexpensive Laminate
  • The beautiful Butcher Block.

Each is lovely, but they definitely have different characteristics about them that set them apart. Read on and we’ll sort through those subtle differences and compare them!


Quartz has so many incredible qualities. It’s no surprise that it’s a favorite with many homeowners. Most quartz is completely antibacterial, so it’s great for restaurants and kitchens alike. 

  • Quartz is the strongest of all counter top materials, So it’s not going to scratch or chip easily. 
  • Its heat and stain-resistant 
  • It has very low maintenance 
  • It is easy to clean! 
  • It is possibly the most elegant choice!
  • Quartz is an engineered material pigmented in many colors, each one polished to a bright surface. 
  • Quartz is a good choice in traditional kitchens but looks great in contemporary space too.
  • It may be a bit more costly compared to other counter top materials. But it also has so many added bonuses! 
  • Quartz is available in a huge selection of color options. 
  • It doesn’t require sealing (unlike granite).
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Marble has been hot in the world of counter top trends with its bright white base and light veining. While some people love marble, some find it a little too high maintenance. 

It boasts traditional beauty that is unsurpassed. The stone comes in a range of hues including lovely pinks, greens, and neutral tones.

Not commonly used in kitchens due to the probability of staining and need to seal properly and often,however it has stunning good looks.


Granite may possibly be my favorite counter top material. One of the reasons is that you can use this surface as an actual rock!  

  • It’s very durable 
  • It’s very beautiful
  • It does require a little extra maintenance as far as regular sealing goes. 
  • It’s a porous stone, so it can be stained if it’s not sealed properly. We recommend sealing your granite counter tops at least twice yearly
  • Granite counter tops might be the most distinguished material currently used. 
  • This is a seriously rock-solid stone
  • It’s a scratch-resistance stone

Polished granite slabs and granite tiles are both available. Slabs have an edge in elegance. Tiles bring an old-world or country feel to the kitchen. Both are gorgeous.

What about the cost of granite? It will depend on the quality of the stone you choose, the thickness of it and the actual design. Granite will require regular sealing and can chip (though chip repair can be DIY and very effective).

A chestnut-themed kitchen remodel with a stylish countertop

Laminate Counter Tops

Laminate has come leaps and bounds in the last few years in terms of style options and quality. Some prices may have gone up a bit because of it, but it’s still going to be your most affordable counter top option. 

Laminate counter tops are available in an impressive range of colors and styles. It has many mimicking more expensive materials such as natural stone or tile.

You can get marble looks, wood looks, granite looks and more. You don’t have to sacrifice style due to price when you choose laminate counter tops. Laminates have come a very long way in the past few years with more unique colors and improved durability.

The downside of laminate? Most are not resistant to heat and they can scratch easily.

Butcher Block Counter Tops

Of the list, this is my second favorite. This counter top material is available as a custom order option, and boy let me tell ya, it’s awesome. 

I’m a lover of all things wood. It gives you a gorgeous rustic, farmhouse or cottage feel. It can be your main counter top or an accent piece on an island. 

It’s a bit more high maintenance than other materials due to keeping it sealed. But it’s definitely worth the small bit of time and effort you’ll put into it.

Ever watch those cooking shows where a chef is just slicing-and-dicing on what looks like the biggest cutting board you’ve ever seen in your life? Welcome to the Butcher Block, a cook’s pride and joy.

ounter tops will always be a huge part of kitchen design. While you don’t want to go too ‘trendy’, it’s great to know what we’re seeing in terms of design trends. We hope this list of the hottest counter top trends will inspire you for your own kitchen remodel!

If you’re ready to get started on your counter top renovation project, contact Advantage Design + Remodel and schedule your free design consultation today to get started! Advantage Design + Remodel helps prepare your budget, timelines, choosing materials and brands, guides you on each step, help choose design style and layout.