Easy Bathroom Upgrades You Can Tackle!

Are you feeling underwhelmed by your bathroom? 

You shouldn’t let it be because bathroom remodeling or upgrades can actually be fun projects! If you are concerned with the budget, here are some easy bathroom upgrades that you can probably do yourself and on the weekends that won’t put a crunch on your budget. 

Here are a few tips on how you can upgrade your bathroom:

After your design is finalized and you sign a contract, it is time to officially start your remodel! This is where we take over to make it as simple as possible. We know you’ll be busy creating a temporary space and packing up your valuables, so we cover all scheduling and planning for the remodel. 

When demolition starts, the remodel officially starts! This is always an exciting day. We will get pictures of you on your last day in your space and you can even put a sledgehammer in the wall! We love letting our clients start their demo (and take a little anger out on a space they don’t like!) 

Do Some Refreshing Touches

Refresh the cabinets with new hardware such as changing the color or style of the doorknobs. You can also change other fixtures such as the towel bar, hooks, bathroom tissue holder and curtain rods, and lighting.

If your vanity has good bones, you can freshen it up with a coat of paint. You could also opt to paint only the front face of your cabinets for a fresh new look. 

Paint the bathroom walls a soft white, light grey or any color that gives the space light & clean look. Stay away from paints with yellow undertones as they can make your bathroom look dated again. Be willing to spend extra money on small paint testers. Paint is a funny thing! It can look totally different on your wall compared to the paper sample from the manufacturer. Purchase samples of your favorite 2 or 3 paint colors and do a test area with each paint in your bathroom. Usually, there is a clear winner.

beautiful Bathroom Remodeling Wauwatosa WI

Improve or Install with Passion

Update your bathroom vanity by using an old desk cabinet or vintage table to give it a timeless look. You may also add pullout shelves or floating shelves to help with organization.

Install a new sink and faucet for a quick update. It’s amazing how updating these two items can make an instant impact in almost any bathroom.

Installing modern cabinetry is an option. If you’re tired of old cookie-cutter oak cabinetry in your bathroom, replace it with modern kitchen cabinets. You could also add a medicine cabinet. You can change your cabinet and go for a glass storage shelves or glass shower shelf. An organizational look that is both simple and elegant.

Improve the look of a bathroom mirror by adding tile accents around it. You could also add an additional mirror if your space will allow it. Duo mirrors would make your space look larger and definitely is great in a shared bathroom.

Create a sleek look and add an additional elbow room in the shower with a curved curtain rod. With a curved rod, you can use your existing shower curtain & rings. If a shower curtain is still too boring, shifting to a glass shower is more expensive but definitely looks great. You will need to decide if the cost is worth it in the long run.

Remodeling your bathroom isn’t costly if you are open to easy upgrades that can really change the look of your bathroom but give you amazing results. 

If you are not a DIYer but you are planning a bathroom remodeling, contact Advantage Design + Remodel. We help re-imagine bathrooms with a commitment to making sure it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful. We are Milwaukee’s award-winning premier remodeling company.

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