Getting The Modern Farmhouse Look!

We’ve talked about the French Country look last time and today, let’s talk about the Modern Farmhouse look.

The modern farmhouse look is known for its warmth and simplicity. It is characterized by natural textures and materials like wood or galvanized steel. While the cream is still the color of choice, paired with neutrals, bright, bold hues can also be used.

Modern farmhouse combines the sleek clean lines of contemporary design with cozy farmhouse aesthetics. It creates a uniquely fresh take on the country’s living inspired style.

Modern farmhouse style doesn’t mean you actually live on a farm. However, it does mean you are decorating and styling your home with a simple and practical mindset that often comes with living the country life. Instead of bright and flashy decor, you’re looking for soothing color combinations, natural elements, and texture. 

Farmhouse style is open to interpretation, these are simply the common trends I’ve found in my own little farmhouse:

Go for Neutral Colors or Gray

  • The first step in achieving a farmhouse look is definitely neutral paint colors. 
  • Avoid dark or bright colors and also try to keep from painting each room a different color. 
  • Choose a soft beige, cream, or even gray–it doesn’t have to be white.
  • Having a light color on the walls sets the tone for the farmhouse look.
  • Keep the walls all within the same color scheme is calming. 
  • It helps blend everything together. 

Mix Old and New Elements

I’m a big fan of mixing old, vintage items with the new and fresh. For example, instead of using a standard vase for your flowers or greenery, try using something unexpected and vintage.  

  • Incorporating the old and using it in a practical sense is a big factor in farmhouse style.
  • Vintage decor pieces or “vintage-inspired” items are a must! Farmhouse decor incorporates flea market and thrift store finds seamlessly. 
  • Antique signs or chalkboards work well with the rustic feeling.

Farmhouse Light Fixtures

One of the fastest and easiest ways to change the feel of any space is with a light fixture. It’s a guaranteed way to change the vibe in any room without a lot of expense or time. Really, I can’t stress this one enough–light fixtures are HUGE, folks. 

Add Industrial Touches

If you’re unsure what other styles you can mix in your farmhouse home, industrial is a great place to start. Industrial pieces tend to have a vintage look, but they also tend to be less trendy. 

Incorporate Wood

  • Try adding wood in various forms into your decor for a more rustic, farmhouse look. I personally love antique washboards and spindles. 
  • You could even use old barn wood to make a farmhouse style sign,
  • Natural wood accents are a must-have for any farmhouse-style home, be it wood panels on a wall or exposed beams on the ceiling. 
  • With furnishings, they do not need to have the perfect paint job.
  • Farmhouse style emphasizes well-used and loved items. Chipping paint that exposes a piece’s texture is well regarded. 

Add in Distressed Furniture or Paint Old Furniture

  • If you have any old furniture that is looking worn out, try freshening it up with paint. 
  • If you’re brand new to painting furniture, you will not believe the transformation. Now keep in mind, this doesn’t always work for everything, and some furniture is better left in its natural color. 
  • However, I’ve found that keeping your furniture within the same color scheme really pulls the entire room together–kind of like having your wall colors match. 
  • On the other hand, adding a  good piece of distressed furniture. One of the favorite elements of modern farmhouse style is the use of old doors and windows. 

Leave the Mall

Lastly, I would say one of the best tips on getting a modern farmhouse style is to simply avoid shopping at the mall. This may sound controversial. But hear me out. 

Instead of shopping at your typical box stores, I’d suggest checking out your local antique shops, peddler malls and thrift stores for unique items that will fill your home with personality and charm. 

To avoid decorating your entire home with mass-produced items, and instead use those stores to help fill in the gaps. If modern farmhouse style is your goal, collect old, vintage pieces with stories, history, and meaning. I promise you will love the feeling of warmth it adds to your home.

I hope this helped give you a few ideas on how to get a modern farmhouse style in your own home. What do you think about farmhouse decor? 

It’s been a great year and looking forward to the next! Thank you for stopping by and enjoying reading our blogs. 

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