Happy New Year from Advantage Design + Remodel!

2020 was a crazy, but amazing year! Each team member of Advantage Design + Remodel used a word to describe 2020, and we used the words to create a poem about this year. Check it out!

What day is today? Who can tell anymore?

What can be said for Twenty-twenty that hasn’t been said before? 


It was most definitely unexpected, 

With paths redirected.  


For many, the days felt like they were multiplied by infinity,

Especially because we stayed in the same vicinity. 


Some people would say it was hellacious, 

Our “circles” became very spacious. 


It was a year full of decisions, 

Countless plans needed revisions. 


Who would have thought going to the grocery store would be adventurous?

However, families and communities came together to be generous.


It was a rollercoaster, 

Nevertheless people found ways to get closer. 


Twenty-twenty was a year that was “awesome”, 

but in countless ways it helped things blossom. 


Three hundred and sixty five days different than before, 

There are three hundred and sixty five days awaiting us to explore. 


Happy New Year from the team at Advantage Design + Remodel