Custom Countertops Hartland WI

Custom Countertops Tailored Just for You

Creating countertops that truly reflect your style, Advantage Design + Remodel is all about bringing your vision off the drawing board and into your home. Here in Hartland, WI, we’re the go-to folks for countertops that blend perfectly with your decor, making your space uniquely yours. It’s not just about updating your kitchen or bath; it’s about transforming your home into a reflection of you.

Custom countertops in Hartland

Why Our Countertop Services Stand Out

Advantage Design + Remodel combines vast selection, expert craftsmanship, and comprehensive service to transform your Hartland home. Choose from a wide array of colors and designs that blend seamlessly with your decor, while our seasoned team ensures a flawless fit and finish. From consultation to installation, including all cabinetry and plumbing details, we handle it all. Enjoy transparent pricing and a stress-free process, making your vision for the perfect space a reality.

For more insights and to explore our range of cabinet options that complement your new countertops perfectly, check out our YouTube video, “Cabinet Options for Your Kitchen!” Dive deeper into the possibilities and get inspired for your upcoming kitchen transformation.

Custom Countertops Hartland WI

Eco-Friendly and American-Made Countertops

Choose Cambria countertops for their unmatched blend of beauty, strength, and eco-consciousness. Proudly American, Cambria showcases the best of homegrown innovation and commitment to the environment, operating its quartz mine on clean hydroelectric power. These countertops not only elevate your kitchen with their aesthetic appeal but also assure you with NSF 51 certification—guaranteeing a safe, hygienic surface for food preparation. By choosing Cambria, you’re opting for the finest natural stone that’s as durable and high-quality as it is responsible, ensuring your Hartland home shines with a piece of American pride that respects the planet.

Design Excellence and Quality Materials

Our countertop creations marry artistic vision with the highest quality materials, transforming your space into a luxurious yet enduring masterpiece. Each design is a reflection of your unique style, promising elegance that stands the test of time.

Level Up Your Kitchen with Hartland's Coolest Countertops

Looking for the perfect kitchen or bathroom upgrade? Advantage Design + Remodel in Hartland, WI, has the custom countertop selection you need. From granite’s elegance to wood’s warmth, we’ve got what it takes to elevate your space. Grab a sample, see the transformation, and get ready to love your home even more.

Want to find the best countertop for your space fast? Check out our quick countertop guide. Marble, quartz, stainless steel—we’ve simplified the choices to help you decide. Perfect for kitchen updates or dreaming up your ideal space, our guide makes decision-making easy and fun.

A chestnut-themed kitchen remodel with a stylish countertop
durable countertop/sink in WI

Hartland Homes Shine with Durable Cambria Quartz Countertops

At Advantage Design + Remodel, elevate your home with Cambria Quartz countertops that blend durability with style. Perfect for busy Hartland homes, these countertops are chip, stain, and scratch-resistant, ensuring your space looks timeless. Choose functionality and elegance in one, making your home a standout.

Easy $75K Financing for Hartland Home Makeovers

Dream big but spend smart with Advantage Design + Remodel and Cambria. We’ve got your back with easy finance options that can cover up to $75K of your remodel. Whether it’s a new kitchen look or a complete home refresh in Hartland, we make it smooth and affordable. Got a project in mind? Give us a shout, and let’s make it happen without breaking the bank.

Cambria countertops

Custom Countertops Hartland WI

Home Transformations by Greg, Andy, and Team

At Advantage Design + Remodel in Hartland, we’re all about turning your home into your dream space with a personal touch. Led by Greg and Andy, our team’s decades of experience shine through in every custom countertop, cabinet, and full remodel we undertake. We take pride in our detailed White Glove Service, ensuring every step of your project, from the first chat to the final reveal, reflects your style and exceeds your expectations. Swing by our New Berlin showroom to get inspired, or give us a call. Let’s start crafting your dream home together, where every detail counts.

Transform Your Home with Expert Milwaukee Remodelers

At Advantage Design + Remodel, we’re all about turning your home into your dream space. Known across Milwaukee for top-notch professionalism and attention to detail, we make every corner of your home shine, from stunning kitchen makeovers to serene bathroom retreats. Our team listens closely to bring your vision to life, offering everything from sleek countertops to full-scale renovations with a personal touch. Partnering with top suppliers like Cambria, we guarantee beauty and durability in every design. Ready for a hassle-free remodel that matches your style and needs? Let’s create something beautiful together.


Got questions about home remodeling? You’re not alone. Here are some of the most common queries we get:

The first thing you should do is figure out what type of remodel you plan to do. Do you want to do a cosmetic remodel, pull and replace, or full redesign? A cosmetic remodel is the most common type of remodel when you are planning to sell your home and helps to freshen and update the space. This may include painting cabinets and walls, replacing the hardware, and doing other smaller updates. A pull and replace remodel is a little more involved and consists of keeping the same floor plan, but replacing most or all of the pieces in the space such as the cabinets, backsplash, and appliances. The final type of remodel is a fully custom or full redesign. In a fully custom remodel, EVERYTHING changes. You may be removing walls, changing the layout, and getting all new cabinets, countertops, etc.

We do not give a lump-sum estimated investment range for our projects until the third step of our process, detailed design. As there are many factors that go into determining the cost of a remodel, we have systems and processes in place to help determine your investment every step of the way. We like to get an idea of exactly what your project entails before giving exact numbers. We can provide you with an idea of where you may potentially start or be around during an initial consultation or by receiving information about your project. Once we finish the concept design phase of our process, you will receive a preliminary investment range based on the design and scope of work, followed by the final investment range from our detailed design and your selections and scope of work.

We have officially been in business for 12 years. Our owners Andy and Greg are childhood best friends who both worked in the trades for years doing cabinetry and other remodeling projects. They decided to take the plunge and start a business together and Advantage Design + Remodel has been growing ever since. With their carpentry and remodeling background, Andy and Greg are experts when it comes to the remodeling industry and processes that go into remodeling.

Yes we do! We design a 3D rendering of your remodeled space during the 3rd step of our process, detailed design. During detailed design, we use our showroom and vendor showrooms to help you make the design selections for your remodel. We also walk through your space with our team and trade partners to get an idea of exactly what the project will look like. When you make all of your design selections, this is when you can see exactly what it will look like in the dimensions of your space.

For more detailed answers and additional questions, check out our comprehensive Remodeling FAQs YouTube video.

Ready to Refresh Your Home?

Wondering if it’s the right moment for a home remodel? Check out our guide, “Is Your Family Ready for a Home Remodel?” It’s packed with everything you need to know to figure out if it’s time for a change in your space.

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Begin the transformation of your Hartland home today with Advantage Design + Remodel, your go-to experts for stunning custom countertops and comprehensive home renovations. We are ready to collaborate with you, ensuring that each step in your kitchen or bathroom renovation journey reflects our unwavering commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and a smooth, hassle-free experience. Let us turn your vision into reality, elevating your space with our expertise and dedication to excellence. Contact us now and take the first step towards realizing your home improvement dreams.