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Your Dream Hartland Home Additions Come to Life

Transform your living space with Advantage Design + Remodel, where we specialize in turning dreams into reality. From remodeling heartwarming kitchens, creating tranquil bathrooms, designing cozy patios, to setting up efficient home offices, we craft spaces that mirror your dreams. Our expertise in creating inviting, functional spaces has made us a favorite in Hartland for home additions. We bring your vision to life, ensuring each addition is a seamless extension of your lifestyle and personal taste.

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Finding the perfect team for your home addition is key. With Advantage Design + Remodel, you get a partner that truly gets your style and how you live. We blend your ideas with our design-build approach, making spaces that aren’t just beautiful but work perfectly for your life. Our team is celebrated for top-notch craftsmanship and a real commitment to our clients, ensuring a hassle-free experience and results that will wow you. Let’s make your dream space a reality together.

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What Sets Us Apart

A Personal Touch on Every Project

Since launching in 2009, Advantage Design + Remodel has been bringing a personal touch to Milwaukee’s home remodeling scene. Our founders, Greg and Andy, pour their hearts into making each Hartland home a perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

We start every project by building a strong foundation—not just in construction, but in our relationship with you. We’re all about getting to know you and your dreams, treating every detail with the utmost care. Your vision is our blueprint, and we’re committed to turning it into reality with excellence and precision.

Your dream home journey begins the moment we start talking. We’re here to make sure it’s a partnership that captures everything you’ve imagined, backed by our unwavering dedication to quality.

Design Excellence and Quality Materials

Our experts blend artistry with the finest materials, ensuring your space is not just luxurious but lasting. Every design reflects your style, crafting a home that’s both elegant and enduring.

Our Streamlined Design-Build Process

Step 1

Initial Consultation

An opportunity to understand the family's needs and ensure Advantage Design + Remodel is the right partner before moving forward with design services.

Step 2

Concept Design

Involves measuring the space, creating floor plans and black-and-white renderings to offer a conceptual view and preliminary investment range.

Step 3

Detailed Design

The phase where all selections are made, integrated into 3D renderings for a vivid project visualization. This stage finalizes the scope of work, design, and selections, leading to a precise lump sum project cost.

Step 4


The actual build phase, focusing on bringing the design to life while ensuring the client enjoys both the process and the final product.

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Hartland’s Favorite Contractor for Home Additions

Kick off your home additions with us. From refreshing updates to building that perfect new space, we ensure a hassle-free improvement to your home. Advantage Design + Remodel is here to improve not only your living areas but your whole lifestyle. Reach out for a consultation, and let’s make your Hartland home everything you’ve dreamed of.

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Got questions about home remodeling? You’re not alone. Here are some of the most common queries we get:

The first thing you should do is figure out what type of remodel you plan to do. Do you want to do a cosmetic remodel, pull and replace, or full redesign? A cosmetic remodel is the most common type of remodel when you are planning to sell your home and helps to freshen and update the space. This may include painting cabinets and walls, replacing the hardware, and doing other smaller updates. A pull and replace remodel is a little more involved and consists of keeping the same floor plan, but replacing most or all of the pieces in the space such as the cabinets, backsplash, and appliances. The final type of remodel is a fully custom or full redesign. In a fully custom remodel, EVERYTHING changes. You may be removing walls, changing the layout, and getting all new cabinets, countertops, etc.

We do not give a lump-sum estimated investment range for our projects until the third step of our process, detailed design. As there are many factors that go into determining the cost of a remodel, we have systems and processes in place to help determine your investment every step of the way. We like to get an idea of exactly what your project entails before giving exact numbers. We can provide you with an idea of where you may potentially start or be around during an initial consultation or by receiving information about your project. Once we finish the concept design phase of our process, you will receive a preliminary investment range based on the design and scope of work, followed by the final investment range from our detailed design and your selections and scope of work.

We have officially been in business for 12 years. Our owners Andy and Greg are childhood best friends who both worked in the trades for years doing cabinetry and other remodeling projects. They decided to take the plunge and start a business together and Advantage Design + Remodel has been growing ever since. With their carpentry and remodeling background, Andy and Greg are experts when it comes to the remodeling industry and processes that go into remodeling.

Yes we do! We design a 3D rendering of your remodeled space during the 3rd step of our process, detailed design. During detailed design, we use our showroom and vendor showrooms to help you make the design selections for your remodel. We also walk through your space with our team and trade partners to get an idea of exactly what the project will look like. When you make all of your design selections, this is when you can see exactly what it will look like in the dimensions of your space.

For more detailed answers and additional questions, check out our comprehensive Remodeling FAQs YouTube video.

Is It Time for Your Home Remodel?

Unsure if now’s the right time? Read our guide, Is Your Family Ready for a Home Remodel?, for key insights to decide if your family and home are ready for a change.

Explore Remodeling Possibilities in Hartland

Jump into remodeling with our free Design and Remodel Seminars, ideal if you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen or just looking for some advice. Want to talk about your project? We’re ready to listen. Drop us a line, and let’s plan your home’s next big change together.