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Some of your fondest memories might include the gathering of friends and family around the kitchen table. There’s something about the deep earthy aroma of freshly-brewed coffee and the allure of familiar flavors that seem to entice the sharing of stories and passing on of traditions.

If your brood has pushed the boundaries of your current Elm Grove WI kitchen space, it may be time to renovate the established surroundings. The expert team of craftsmen at Advantage Design + Remodel, led by owners, Greg Wade and Andy Schafer, provide more than 25 years of exceptional service with superior finished results. Because of this we are recognized for providing kitchen remodeling Elm Grove WI residents can trust. 

home Remodeling Elm Grove WI
beautiful remodeled kitchen in WI

Kitchen Remodeling

You knew from the first moment sunlight greeted you through the kitchen windows that this was the place you wanted awake each morning; you had found home. Yet, there comes a time when you realize improvements can be made to expand or make better use of the space, update equipment, and refashion the color scheme.

Because the kitchen is such an integral part of your family’s life, its design and layout need to evolve to match your lifestyle and tastes. The design-build team at Advantage Design + Remodel manages every aspect of the remodeling process. From the initial meeting and design conceptualization to managing each stage of production, our team includes designers, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, and flooring experts.

One aspect of a kitchen remodel is replacing the countertops. Understanding the durability and unique qualities of laminate, granite, marble, butcher block, and quartz helps you to reach your final decision about which material is the best fit for your space.

Bathroom Remodeling

On the day you moved into your Elm Grove, WI home, you told yourself it was the last move you were going to make. It’s served you and your family well, but all things begin to tire and wear out with use and age. With more than two decades of remodeling experience, and specializing in high-quality materials, you’ll recognize the Advantage Design + Remodel difference with the very first phone call.

We take the time to get to know our clients and what matters to them. Often, a person may recognize that bathroom colors or fixtures are outdated, but might not really know how to take a general concept of what is wanted and formulate it into a completed bathroom. Our design team can help you with outfitting your space with a unique vanity or color-coordinating the floors with countertops and walls. We design and build a bathroom that surpasses what you pictured in taste, comfort, and function.

aesthetic and beautiful remodeled bathroom in Elm Grove

Basement Remodeling

With a growing family, it seems you never have enough room. That’s where creating additional living and recreational space through a basement remodel is like finding a gold mine. You may have the beginnings of a finished basement that needs to be completed to your specifications, or it’s a blank canvas simply waiting for your imagination to begin drawing in the lines.

There are many advantages to finishing a basement with the help of the Advantage Design + Remodel team.

The Advantage Design + Remodel Process

Since founding the business in 2009, brothers-in-law, Greg and Andy, have adhered to a simple philosophy of supplying each client with exceptional customer service. From our initial conversation, we are interested in helping you achieve the design you want.

You have undoubtedly spent hours looking at your space and imagining the new look. Perhaps, you’ve torn out pictures of rooms in magazines and gathered paint swatches from home stores. When you arrive at your appointment for the tour of our 4,000 square foot New Berlin showroom featuring examples of bath and kitchen designs, you may feel a combination of excitement and anxiety about the process.

Greg takes the time to explain every step of the process, so you know what to expect during the design and construction phase. Moving forward with what your design expectations are, we then schedule an in-home consultation so that Greg and the trade partners who will be involved in your home’s remodel have the opportunity to evaluate the structure and specifics of the space. By arranging one collaborative in-home consultation, we save you the aggravation and time of multiple visits by individual contractors.

During the construction phase, we value your time by adhering to a prearranged schedule as closely as possible. We also honor your space by leaving your home each day with debris cleaned up and materials neatly organized.

Custom Home Remodeling

There’s a reason why Elm Grove, Wisconsin, was ranked the best suburb in America. Its tree-lined streets and the gentle roll of the hills frame the artistry of the village’s architecture. Elm Grove is a destination where, once you arrive, you want to put down roots.

That’s why home remodeling makes perfect sense. When you choose expert craftsmen to update and modernize your home, it provides you with the best of both worlds. You create a new environment in the place you love.

Advanced Design + Remodel streamlines the process for and keeps you up to date on every aspect of the project through our online project management software system, BuilderTREND. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) interface elevates personalized customer service.

You’re able to see project estimates and manage your own schedule through the project deadline feature. It’s all organized in one location. Keep track of costs and each step of the production schedule in real-time. Once you are registered on the system, your access to your home remodeling information never expires.

Advanced Design + Remodel also provides home remodeling services in New Berlin, WauwatosaBrookfield, Lake Country, and Whitefish Bay. Make your dream of a sleek new kitchen, elegantly appointed bath, or entertainment ready basement a reality.

Contact us by calling (262) 735-7572 or visit our showroom. We’re located at 2345 S. Commerce Drive, New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151.

clean custom Cambria quartz countertop

Budgeting and financing your remodel

Budgeting and financing your remodel, especially in areas like Elm Grove, Brookfield, Wauwatosa, and Lake Country, requires a keen understanding of your needs and the scope of the work involved. When considering renovations, whether it’s for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, or an entire home addition, it’s vital to start with a clear vision of your goals and the functionality you desire. Quality contractors and professionals in these areas, known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, can provide valuable insights and options for your project. They offer services that range from bathroom remodeling to lighting installation, ensuring every aspect of your living space is considered. It’s essential to review the contractor’s experience, customer satisfaction levels, and any BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings. Homeowners should also prioritize communication, ensuring that their vision and details are fully understood. By obtaining a detailed quote or estimate that breaks down costs for each part of the job – from materials to labor – you can better manage your budget and ensure there are no surprises.

Financing your renovation project involves evaluating various solutions. Many homeowners in cities like Delafield and Pewaukee often seek out experts who can provide comprehensive information and advice on home improvement financing. These professionals can guide you through the design process, offering data and insights on the latest trends in areas like bathroom remodels, home office additions, or upgrades in functionality and aesthetics. A thorough proposal from a reputable company will include everything from the initial design to the final finish, encompassing aspects like showers, interior lighting, and repairs. It’s crucial to pay attention to reviews, gather opinions from people who have undertaken similar projects, and explore all available options. Companies that excel in customer satisfaction often have a strong portfolio of completed projects, showcasing their expertise in areas ranging from small repairs to major renovations. By approaching your remodeling project with the right knowledge and a detailed understanding of your area’s specific needs, you can ensure a stress-free experience that aligns with your budget and exceeds your expectations.


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